Video Game Tester jobs – get paid for doing something you love

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All about Video Game Tester jobs and how you can get paid for doing something you love

An introduction to Video game tester jobs

Getting paid to play video games may sound to be a fantasy especially if you are really into the hobby. But hey, there are really video game tester jobs that can give you a legitimate income and not to mention the chance to enjoy what you have always loved to do, that is playing video games. The average hourly rate for a game tester ranges from $8 to $14. At the comfort of your home, you can play video games and enjoy your work all day. Before you can finally get to be a video game tester, you need to know what companies need.

Qualifications Needed

Unlike other jobs in the gaming industries, video tester jobs are considered to be entry level positions. Not all companies would require you to have a college degree just to get the job. But of course, if you have completed a degree then you can have better chances in the long run if you wish to pursue a career in the industry. Companies in search for video game testers will definitely look for certain qualities and requirements in order to get a good tester. Apart from being passionate about video games, you need to possess certain qualities. For instance, you have to be detail oriented with a good attitude and have at least good writing skills. Firms would hire a game tester who is professional enough to not just play the games but someone who can also provide useful insights that they can use to further develop and improve their games.

Applying for Various Video Tester Jobs

There are many gaming studies and firms offering these kinds of work. It is just up to you which kinds of games you prefer and which cities you want to live in. Keep in mind that you will be spending all of your time testing the games that they will provide to you. Although you wouldn’t always get the chance to play the games you like, you would still prefer if you apply for a company you have wanted to for.

In applying for the job, there are important steps you have to undertake in order to increase your chances of getting the job. Create an impressive resume that will stand out. Firms in search for video game testers would look for your education and experience as a game tester. When your resume is ready, you can now start searching for video game testers jobs in search engines. There are actually websites where you can look at free job postings. A job that will pay you to play video games is definitely enticing for a lot of avid gamers so you should take your job hunt seriously.

Is This the Job For You?

Video game tester jobs seems appealing to many people especially since you will get paid by doing a relatively simple work compare to other jobs. If you are really into playing video games and you want to have a good income then this can be a job for you. Most of those who are working as video game testers are students who are looking for part time work or those who are really passionate with the work.

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How to Build a Gaming PC

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How to Build a Gaming PC- Don’t worry its not as hard as it sounds

With prices being at an all time high, it’s becoming more essential than ever to learn how to build a gaming PC in order to avoid paying someone else to do it. If you do your research properly you may end up building a masterpiece without paying tons of money.

A lot of people have begun to take on building gaming PCs as a hobby, and have been rewarded with a pretty significant amount of extra cash. Whatever your reason for wanting to do it, learning to build a gaming PC isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying here. You’re not going to become a gaming PC guru all of a sudden that learns how to build top notch gaming PCs in no time. That’s just not going to happen. It’s going to take a little time for you to understand the ins and outs of how to do this. You’re going to have to put in hours and hours of doing this before you become really good at it.

Here are some of the important factors you need to consider:

1) Understand your budget

Before you start doing anything you’ll want to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend as this will have the biggest effect on how your building process goes.

2) Figure out exactly what the main purpose of the PC will be

Before you start researching you’ll want to be sure to have it crystal clear what the main purpose of the PC will be. What game are you going to play most? Is it online, single player, do the graphics need to be top level? Make sure you answer these questions before you start doing your research. It is one of those factors which can help you save a lot of bucks easily.

3) Figure out what type of CPU you’re going to use

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This is the most integral part of the process and something you’re going to want to research extensively. Your budget and purpose of use are going to be the major factors in determining this step. The price range in CPUs will generally is incredibly broad and can range from $15-$250

4) Figure out the Motherboard and graphic card that work best with your CPU choice

Do your research to make sure the Motherboard you purchase works well with the CPU that you’ve already purchased. The graphic card you choose will be completely dependent on the games you intend to play.

5) Figure out the storage and memory you’d like to have

Purchasing a hard drive and RAM (random-access memory) are the next steps. The RAM will determine the speed that your computer flows while the hard drive is essential for storing information.

6) Purchase and install a case and CD Drive

You might even want a CD Drive in your gaming PC. If you do, simply figure out whether you’d like to use this for blu-ray to go with the typical CD burner. The case you purchase will be almost entirely dependent on what your computer looks like to this point.

7) Figure out your power supply and sound system

Your power supply will generally range in the 500W-750W range, depending on how high powered your system is. Your sound system is the last decision you’ll be making for your computer’s essentials but it is sometimes considered to be the most important. Be sure to do your homework on exactly what the best sound system will be for you.

The last thing you’ll want to do is set up a cooling system for your gaming computer, as you probably already know how easy it will be to overheat it. While building your customized PC will still take a lot of research, hopefully this guide on how to build a gaming PC will help you get started.

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Change the way you make gold in WoW

Change the way you make gold in WoW by following this WoW gold making guide

Some people want to dominate the game called World of warcraft or WoW by getting a lot of gold, and to do this they try different unique ways. There exists a lot of unique ways in the game itself to make a lot of gold that would prove to be enough for consumables, repairs and equipment along with other items. In the world of warcraft there basically five different ways through which people can make gold and these are as follows:
• Gather supplies like leather, herbs and ore.
• Buying low and selling high. This can be a tricky but really effective method if you know what to do.
• Farm for gear or loot. Looting can bring in a lot of gold if you are an active player.
• Using the crafter.
• Gaining control over the market.

These five ways have been elaborated below to facilitate better understanding as well as to help you learn these unique tricks in detail (though some of these are rather common, they can be as good as any unique ways of making gold by just adding some twists given below):
• The gatherer- The numerous items that are required to be collected during the course of the game include stuffs like leather, ore, herbs, linen, wool, gems, stones etc. Those who spend their time gathering in the world of WoW are known to put in a lot of time in order to make an adequate amount of gold. It is only the discovery of rare herbs or vein that can gain them a considerable amount of gold at one go. A gatherer need not purchase any of the supplies. It is advisable to sell all the items which have been gathered by them, at the auction house because it nearly costs nothing to put them up for auction and the gatherer needs to get hold of the constant buyers in order to make more gold.

• The farmer- The characters at higher levels of this game choose to adopt this profession in order to make gold but a lot depends on luck and chance in this profession. In the hope of getting a drop, a person is required to either kill, multiple times, named bosses or perform simple instance runs. The gold that can be earned through this method can be as low as 200g or as high as 2000g but it is entirely based on pure chance, that is, what drops. This is of appeal to a certain group of people owing to the high potential it offers. The main drawback of this approach is the high cost involved in putting up items for auction and losing out on the gold if the product does not sell.

• The crafter- the players in this case produce things instead of gathering them. A lot of gold can be made by adopting either of the following tasks- alchemy, leatherworking, tailoring, and blacksmithing. A very high amount of gold can be made if one does adequate research in finding the things which are in demand in the market and producing them.

• Buying low and selling high- A certain amount of initial investment is required in this technique of making gold. The player should simply buy an item at a price which is lower than the price for which it can be sold. This can be done very effectively if one does proper research for a couple of days in finding the timings when some good items are available at a price much lower than during the usual timings. Now, one can simply be online at that time, buy as much as his can and sell at the usual time when a lot of players are online and hence when there is more demand.

• Gain control over the market- In order to gain proper control over the market, a player needs to attain monopoly over the market which can only be achieved through a certain amount of initial investment. This technique has proved to be the most effective and involving gold making technique.

The importance of adding twists given in this WoW gold making guide
Now as told above, the methods given in this WoW gold making guide may be simple, common and already known to you, but the twists we have included are worth knowing. It is not uncommon to find a normal player who is not even online for more than 8-10 hours like most players making tons of gold by simply following methods similar to the ones in this WoW gold making guide. All that matters is how smartly you play with the twists. The smarter you play it, the more effective these methods become.

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The X-Elerated Warcraft Guide and why serious Warcraft gamers love it

The X-Elerated Warcraft Guide and why serious Warcraft gamers love it

An introduction to X-Elerated Warcraft Guide

The X-Elerated Warcraft Guides are truly as good as it gets on the World of Warcraft guide circuit. Let’s take a look at what makes this guide special.

As X-Elerated states, most people will tell you that the process of going from level 90-100 will actually take longer than it did to go from 1-90. The time saved by this guide is worth its weight in gold and is absolutely essential for the hardcore user. One player who used the guide had previously taken almost 15 days to level up. After using this guide, however, he was able to level up in less than four days. The time saved there is invaluable and can make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Advantages and benefits

The Gold Making Guide Add-on is also a huge advantage for players who are continually struggling to keep their gold storage at a high level. One player went from 24,000 to 700,000 gold in a little over a month. I’m fairly certain that it would take you well over a month to even spend half of that amount of gold.

One of the interesting things that separates X-Elerated from most guides is the fact that they offer 24/7 technical support. That is almost unheard of for any type of guide provider. The hope would be that the guide would be straight forward enough that there wouldn’t be any issues but it’s comforting to know that there is someone you can contact at any point throughout the day if you have any issues.

Completely safe and includes no cheating stuff

It’s encouraging that X-Elerated stands by a guide that doesn’t include cheats or hacks. For those looking to keep their moral compass intact, while also quickly progressing through the game, this is definitely something you’ll want to give a try.

Those who decide to purchase the X-Elerated guides will also have the peace of mind of knowing that it is a one time purchase. While they do provide regular updates to their guides, they do not charge any type of hidden fees or monthly charges for any updated services. Free lifetime updates are something that X-Elerated stands by and you can expect that to continue.

Comes in different packages

There are four different packages available to users – Horde & Alliance Leveling, Gold Guide Package, Leveling & Gold Package, and the Complete Package. The Horde & Alliance Leveling package will set you back only $47 and features the Horde & Alliance Leveling add-on as well as the Talent and Written Mount Guide. The Gold Guide Package will cost you $57 and features the Gold Guide, Daily Quest & Events, the Profession Guide and the Written Mount Guide. The Leveling & Gold Package will cost you $67 and features everything in both of the first two packages except the Daily Quest & Events and the Profession Guides.

The last package is the Complete Package and, as expected, it’s the most expensive package with a price of $87. The Complete Package features everything that the site has to offer. With a lifetime guarantee of support and continuous updates, this is definitely the package a serious Warcraft gamer should consider buying.

Pros of X-Elerated Warcraft Guide
-One time fee
-Proven and well researched guides that save time
-24/7 Support
-No Cheats or Hacks and hence no chance of fetching yourself a ban hammer using this guide.

Cons of X-Elerated Warcraft Guide

There hardly seem to be any cons of this guide with thousands of Warcraft gamers leaving a super positive review on it. However, some think the price of the complete package is a bit too high. But with the free lifetimes updates, useful resources it offers to grow exponentially in the game without wasting tons of hours and 24/7 support, it is actually worth much more.

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The Best online multiplayer games of 2014

The Best online multiplayer games of 2014

Although one usually likes playing multiplayer games with his friends, it is not always possible. Multiplayer games not only offer to play with a number of people throughout the globe, but to also to know more about them and befriend them. Such games are played in the virtual world wherein there are a huge number of players who turn out to be an individual’s virtual friend over the course of time. Team work plays a pivotal role in such games wherein the objectives of the game are attained only through organized team work. Here is a list of the most popular multi-player games from 2014:
• League of Legends- This multiplayer game which was started in the year 2009 has a very high number of active users, nearing around 67 million users out of which the number of players who engage in regular playing of the game is around 27 million users. The reason for this sudden success of this game lies in this rather unique concept, which addicts gamers of almost all age groups. A list of 118 champions is available in this game and the gamer needs to choose one amongst these 118 in order to put an end to the enemy force. The path to follow for killing the enemies is blocked by bots, minions etc which needs to be killed as well. Level is gained though killing more and more enemies while gold is earned by destructing the enemy tanks as well as by killing minions.

• Guild wars 2- This game is the sequel to guild wars with enhanced characters as well as graphics along with 3D arenas. This game has proved to be one of the most popular multi player games on PC with a daily user base of nearly 4 lakh users around the world. This game is ranked as the fourth best multi-player PC game.

• Final Fantasy XI- Although this game was released in the year 2006, its popularity has not diminished marginally even after the arrival for more and more similar multiplayer games. On the contrary, it still maintains its position in the best multi-player games of all times and is also competing fiercely for the title of the most popular online multi-player game. Avatars are created by the players to satisfy the different objectives so as to concoct an ensemble of jobs. The user base of this game has rose from 4 to 5 lakh users in 2006 to nearly 1 million users in the current year. This game provides the players with the opportunity to explore 16 different worlds and thus keeping the players involved.

• Entropia Universe- This game allows the players to purchase numerous items through the use of real money. The fantasy to purchase certain virtual thing exists among certain players and they can do so in this game with the help of their real money. The player is required to create an avatar for the game and later on customize it as per his/her needs and desires.

• World of Warcraft- This game has proved to be the most popular online game all around the world. This game has a registered user base of nearly 100 million users. A server needs to be selected by the player in order to play the game. The skills required to play this game are developed slowly and gradually along the course of the game with patience and practise. Due to its rather involving and engaging concept, it continues to grab the attention of millions of new players throughout the globe. This game is now the best online multi-player game in the world and its popularity has far surpassed that of its other peers. It has went so popular that you can find thousands of people searching for its hacks and cheats and some websites have even started selling secret gold making add-ons and such stuff.

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Discovering some of the Best Gaming Laptops

Discovering some of the Best Gaming Laptops

As the video game industry continually expands so too does the need for gaming laptops. Players are expecting more quality gaming stuff than ever and are willing to pay more and more money for top notch portable gaming options.

PC Gaming has always been the favorite of the seasoned pros, but sometimes it’s necessary to have an on the go option. If gaming on the go is necessary, or having an area for a PC is not possible, then purchasing a gaming laptop is definitely the way to go.

One of the issues with gaming laptops, and one of the main reasons most gamers enjoy PC gaming better, is due to the low battery life of most laptops. The fact that you’re constantly participating in high end activity on the laptop will make for what can be an annoying need to charge consistently.

Let’s break this down into a few different categories so we can see what type of gaming laptop will fit what you’re looking for the best:

1) Best on the market, regardless of price
2) Best value, high end price
3) Best value, low end price

Best On the Market, Regardless of Price

If you’re simply looking for the best of the best then you’re going to want to take a look at the Alienware 18. The price tag? You better be ready to drop a cool $4,000 if you want the 32 GB version of this beast. It features 32 GB of memory, the best gameplay on the market, and a 1080p HD screen that makes it clear that you’re getting the best the industry has to offer. Lower GB versions of the Alienware will cost you somewhere in the $2,000-$3,000 range.

The bulkiness of it and large screen will make users think they’re using a PC. Be ready to plug it in quite often, however, as this high powered beast has a short battery life.

Best Value, High End Price

The MSI GT70 2PC Dominator is the way to go for users looking for great performance while not breaking the bank too awful much. It offers one of the best visual experiences in the industry and also provides an audio experience that many other gaming laptops don’t have. You’ll be paying in the $1,750-$2,250 price range if you’re looking to purchase this heavy hitter.

Other features of the MSI GT70 2PC Dominator include a customizable keyboard backlight, over 1,100 GB of storage capacity, and an audio/visual combination that also works incredibly well with Blu-ray and DVD productions.

Best Value, Low End Price

For users looking specifically for one of the best gaming laptops in the low price range, the CyberPower FangBook X7-200 is the way to go. It features an Intel Core processor and Nvidia GeForce graphic processor that combine to provide a tremendous presentation for the user. It can be found at most stores or online auctions for anywhere in the $1,000-$1,500 range.

While it doesn’t feature blu-ray usability and is a bit heavy, it still offers one of the best portable gaming experiences available. And, well, you can’t really beat the price.

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How to choose the best Video Game Chairs?

What You should be Looking for while trying to find one of the best Video Game Chairs?

One of the biggest issues when it comes to video game chairs is whether they can last or not. Any gamer that has played for a decade or more has probably gone through their fair share of gaming chairs. You probably also remember having to pay way more than you’d like every time you had to replace one.

Some offer the luxury of comfort and supreme audio content, while some offer something as simple as a chair on the ground. There are a ton of different options out there so it’s you who will have to figure out what’s important to you before going shopping for one.

I have to admit I don’t really understand the fact that most of these chairs sit so low to the ground. As gamers aren’t usually the most fit of the bunch and the struggle to get up from one of them bad boys is most definitely a real one. A lot of people prefer a video game chair similar to a regular office type one over the typical video game ground chair, simply because it provides them with a higher level of much needed comfort while sitting on it for hours at a time.

While looking for such chairs, there are three major things that you’re going to be deciding on:

1) Do you want a chair that sits on wheels or that sits on the ground?
2) Are speakers in the chair important to you?
3) What is your price range?

Wheels or Ground

The X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair is considered to be one of the most popular one in the business for gamers that are looking for an option that doesn’t sit on the ground. It’ll usually cost you somewhere in the $200-$250 neighborhood, depending on where you’re buying it, but its comfort, quality and compatibility with different systems makes it well worth the cost.


Speakers in the chair are usually not a huge deal to most gamers simply because they’re already using top of the line headsets. If speakers are absolutely necessary for you, however, BoomChair has a huge selection of great video game chairs that have quality speaker systems in them.

You’ll want to check the warranty on any speaker chair you’re looking to purchase since, as we mentioned, durability is generally a major issue with any gaming chair. Getting a warranty between two and five years would be optimal, but even getting a one year warranty will make it a much less risky purchase.

Price Range

Unfortunately there aren’t too many super cheap options for such chairs. Being that it is furniture, most of the cheapest options will still set you back a good $60-$75. Whether there are speakers in the chair or not will be the biggest factor in price and those looking for that option should be prepared to spend at least $100.

X-Rocker and BoomChair are considered the major players in the video game chairs industry, although there are some smaller brands that have also made a name for themselves. With durability being an issue, you’ll want to go with somebody that has a quality customer support team and warranty system so you won’t have to worry about having issues if the chair was to break.

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How to Make Video Games

The Ins & Outs of How to Make Video Games

Learning how to make video games can be an extremely difficult and frustrating process. If you’re looking to learn it from the inside out, from designing to programming to coding, you are going to have quite a bit to learn.

Here’s a quick look at the steps that you’ll be taking when building your own video game:

1. Decide what type of game you’re building and lay out details.
2. Research to find what the best software to use would be.
3. Lay out exactly what your characters and environments will look like.
4. Edit the game as needed.
5. Publish the game.

Deciding what type of game you’d like to build is obviously going to be the fun part of the process. There’s a good chance that you’ve already got a pretty solid idea of exactly what your characters will look like, what platform you’re planning to use, and what your plot will look like. You’ll want to make this as detailed as possible in order to save time with the later steps. Understand, however, that there is a good chance that you’ll have to tweak this quite a bit along the way.

Researching for the best software to use is usually going to come down to two things, quality and price. Understand that you’re going to get what you pay for in this instance. It may be best to hire a expert for this step, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the software that you’d be using.

The third step is kind of a rerun of the first step, except that the second step will make it more clear about exactly what you can and can’t do.

Editing and tinkering with the game is going to be a long process as it is also the most important one. You’ll want your game to be completely ready to go before you publish it. Make sure you have different people test the game before you even think about publishing it. Try not to be sensitive to criticism at this step. It’s much better to have your friend tell you it’s not up to snub now than waiting until it’s published and you’re trying to make money off of it.

One of the perks of creating video games in today’s day in age is that there is so much software and instruction for learning to do the different parts of the process. There has never been more information available about video game development, most of which is for free, than there is today.

The biggest thing you need to realize when trying to create quality video games, however, is that it is going to take quite a bit of time to become good at it. Just like anything else, this isn’t an overnight process and you certainly won’t be making world class games within the first few months of starting. It’s all a process, although it’s a thoroughly enjoyable one for those of us who are interested in putting their creativity to good use.

You’ll make mistakes and you’ll learn from them, but at the end of the day, there won’t be a more satisfying feeling than learning how to make video games and being able to look at a solid finished product.

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Learn and Create with Video Games Design Programs

Learn and Create with Video Games Design Programs

It’s the dream of just about every teen in the world, waking up to playing and creating video games every single day. Imagine a world where your mother stops harassing you about your video game habits and instead starts encouraging you to play them even more. It’s a dream, however, that usually ends with the thought that it is simply a utopia world that doesn’t actually exist.

Fortunately, colleges and universities are starting to make the dream much more of a reality. There are now over 300 quality undergraduate and graduate schools offering video game design programs, and that isn’t expected to change anytime soon. It has opened the door for many students who have lived with the dream of playing and creating video games to actually live that dream out.

With new platforms coming out on a regular basis there is no doubt that video game designing field will continue to grow for both graduates and undergraduates looking for an intriguing career.

The Best Universities offering such programs
The University of Southern California or, as sports fans know them, USC. They sit at the top of Princeton Review’s rankings for both undergraduate and graduate video game designing programs. Central Florida University comes in at no.2 for graduate schools. So you’re telling me that you get to play and create video games while also living right next to a beach?? Sign me up for that…

The University of Utah and Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) are two schools that also rank high for both their graduate and undergraduate programs. Both schools are already known for their academic excellence within the other majors that they offer.

One of the best things about going to a school for video game design is that you’ll have the opportunity to build a game while you’re actually in school. Many of the school’s final projects involve the completion of a game for a specific platform. Not many people get to enjoy their final project in college, so I’d definitely say it doesn’t get much better than that.

The opportunity for a great starting salary is another perk that has a lot of college students scrambling to find the best video game designing program in the nation. Graduates at the University of Utah, second on the Princeton Review rankings, leave college with an average starting salary of $72,000. Students who complete their masters degree at the school usually start out with a salary in the high 90k to low 100k range.

Graduates of video game design programs can also consider these numbers – there was over $20 billion spent on video games in 2013 and job growth is expected to expand at over 30% over the next decade. It’s a growing industry with no sign of decline anytime soon. The ability to create something on a daily basis also makes this a quite rewarding career.

With the reward of a high starting salary and a job you love, what’s not to like about deciding to join one of these video game design programs?

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